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FEB 20 2019

Ubiwhere releases its Annual Report with 2018’ achievements


Ubiwhere has just released its Annual Report for 2018, a document which details the company’s key milestones in terms of projects, presence at events, expansion of strategic partnerships and creation of new business.

2018 was marked by the launch of our rebranding and new website. With our greatest presence ever in the largest world fair in the Smart Cities sector, the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. With the launch of the Urban Platform, Unicle and Thumbeo Corporate.

In addition, the focus on research and innovation, with the participation in many projects PT2020 and H2020, has brought the necessary experience to the development of solutions that improve people's quality of life. 11 years after its creation, Ubiwhere continues to be one of the Portuguese companies with the largest participation in H2020 projects and estimates, by 2019, to be the leader in this area.

This Annual Report, which is already on its 5th edition, intends to showcase everything which has been developed at Ubiwhere and exemplifies what we’re capable of. The company''s founders, Rui A. Costa and Nuno Ribeiro, believe that these 11 years have given Ubiwhere competencies that can effectively redefine the future of cities and telecommunications, "because the dream is just the beginning."

See the full document here.