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Ubiwhere co-organised the workshop ’’Digital Nervous System Testbed’’ for 19 national startups and SMEs | News - Ubiwhere



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APR 02 2024

Ubiwhere co-organised the workshop ’’Digital Nervous System Testbed’’ for 19 national startups and SMEs


On the 28th of March, with the support of a strong partnership, Ubiwhere co-organised a workshop to showcase and promote the Digital Nervous System Testbed. This session was attended by nineteen startups from several sectors and different areas of activity.

The workshop began with a presentation entitled "Digital Nervous System Testbed" by Sandra Barnabé, Innovation Manager at Ubiwhere. In the presentation, she explained the DNS Testbed’s concept, the advantages offered to companies, its available services, how it works and is implemented, and the process of applying for this solution promoted by Ubiwhere. Afterwards, Ubiwhere presented use cases and demonstrated Digital Nervous System Testbed’s pilot products already being implemented and developed in various sectors.

During the workshop "Digital Nervous System Testbed", nineteen startups showcased their products on the market and the technological needs they want to implement to accelerate their companies’ digital transition. This Ubiwhere’s workshop ended with a question-and-answer session involving the organisation and the participants.

With this online event, there will be an analysis of the offer available to meet the needs of the participating companies, with the certainty that lines of collaboration can be created and established in the future. Considered a campus for startups and SMEs to develop and test innovative ideas for technological products and services, the Digital Nervous System Testbed by Ubiwhere could be the key to their digital acceleration and technological transition. Find out more here!