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MAY 27 2024

Ubiwhere launches the Forecast NexGen Industry 2024, an innovative review of Industry 4.0


Ubiwhere is pleased to introduce the Forecast NexGen Industry 2024, a review of Industry 4.0, its tendencies, most relevant technologies, and our take on the Industry’s Digital Transformation. Industry 4.0 has been one of the main fields of interest in the business world in recent years. Digitalisation and Smart Factories went from a future vision to a present necessity, affecting the whole industrial sector. Are you curious to know more about our research? We have all the information you need!

“Industry 4.0 and the inherent digitalisation of processes represent a crucial step in industrial development towards achieving a smart factory.” This relatively new concept has been swiftly updated throughout the years. The evolution of technologies translates into advanced solutions implemented in the industrial world that aim to improve performance, efficiency, and effectiveness. Forecast NexGen Industry 2024 aims to bring Ubiwhere’s experience closer to the industrial sector, introducing all the relevant tendencies, possible applications and implementation procedures for further development of smart factories solutions. Taking advantage of its technological experience, Ubiwhere actively takes on the role of a supportive partner for companies aiming to innovate and improve but lacking the resources to do so: the Digital Nervous System Testbed is one of the innovative examples.

This review clarifies a cluster of enquiries surrounding Industry 4.0, focusing mainly on the Digital Transition and Digital Transformation, as well as its benefits and barriers. Ubiwhere is pleased to present Forecast NexGen Industry 2024 to its followers, partners and clients, pursuing a clear explanation of its relevance and opportunities.

From Portugal to the world, Ubiwhere is suiting the future of Industry. Download our new Forecast NexGen Industry 2024 here below for free!