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Ubiwhere is recognised as SME Excellence 2020 in Portugal | News - Ubiwhere



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MAY 19 2021

Ubiwhere is recognised as SME Excellence 2020 in Portugal


The initiative to award the SME Excellence 2020 Statute of IAPMEI - Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation rewards Ubiwhere as a reference company in the scope of national development.

Ubiwhere was distinguished with the award of the SME Excellence 2020 company statute in Portugal, an act of recognition made by IAPMEI in partnership with Turismo de Portugal, the leading banks and the Garantia Mútua system.

"Recognising who stands out" was the main reason for the award of this title, which aims to raise awareness of companies that show the best performance and management indicators. Ubiwhere was one of the companies included in this award that marks the country’s competitive capacity.

Despite a challenging year, where we live confined and work remotely, it is possible to look back and see that Ubiwhere has continued to create and innovate. We are experiencing a stimulating and solid phase that allows us to continue to present innovative solutions that make people’s lives better.

In addition to the prize awarded, this is also the facet that distinguishes us. Through the support of our partners, our employees’ work, and the appreciation of our customers, Ubiwhere deserved prominence in the Portuguese business outlook.

With great congratulation, we thank you for this recognition in the hope of continuing our mission in the future.