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Ubiwhere is ready to start a revolution at Aveiro Tech Week 2023 with the presentation of the Digital Nervous System Testbed | News - Ubiwhere



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SEP 26 2023

Ubiwhere is ready to start a revolution at Aveiro Tech Week 2023 with the presentation of the Digital Nervous System Testbed


The 4th edition of Aveiro Tech Week 2023 will happen between the 2nd and the 8th of October, an event promoted by Aveiro City Council. Ubiwhere will again be present at the epicentre of the technological route and the pole of attraction for technology industries. This year, our mission is to display the Digital Nervous System Testbed, a campus for Portuguese SMEs and startups to develop and test innovative product and service ideas through technological demonstrations.

Ubiwhere will be one of the companies participating in Aveiro Tech Week 2023 and promises to make an impact by demonstrating and presenting innovative products and solutions.


  • Expo: Demonstrations of Technological Innovations


Between the 2nd and the 4th of October, the Largo do Mercado Manuel Firmino will be the public space chosen to demonstrate technological innovations live. Between 2.30 pm and 3 pm, Ubiwhere will present the Digital Nervous System Testbed. The demonstration of this solution consists of publicising the Ecosystem of Companies and Solutions supported by Ubiwhere’s Testbed, which includes solutions and projects related to smart parking, efficient electric charging management, monitoring and a data platform.



  • Workshop: National Test Beds Network - Aveiro as a research centre


This initiative will take place at the Aveiro Tech City Hub at Atlas Aveiro on the 4th of October from 5 pm to 6.30 pm and will include the participation of Ubiwhere. This session aims to present some Testbeds directly linked to Aveiro and discuss their role and impact in supporting innovation and economic development. The Testbeds concept invites startups and SMEs to develop and test innovative products and services to accelerate their digital transition.

This workshop fosters conditions for sharing experiences and scientific knowledge through case studies and digital processes. Represented by Sandra Barnabé, Innovation Manager, Ubiwhere will be one of the technology companies present to promote the Digital Nervous System Tested. This solution offers services using computing continuum, 5G, IoT-edge-to-cloud and zero-touch automation technologies. It will be presented as a product that impacts supporting digital innovation.


Technology, art and culture through exhibitions, art installations, conferences and laboratories: a week that will give visibility to innovative digital projects with the stamp of the Aveiro Tech City initiative, helping management organisations to gather and share information on new methods of managing the city in various areas such as mobility, education, culture and the environment. The city of Aveiro will be a unique and dynamic space full of technological experiences. Ubiwhere will start a digital revolution in this event with unique digital concepts and solutions to improve citizens’ quality of life.