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Ubiwhere is ready to inspire people at Smart City Expo World Congress 2022 | News - Ubiwhere



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OCT 21 2022

Ubiwhere is ready to inspire people at Smart City Expo World Congress 2022


Smart City Expo World Congress gathers leaders from the most innovative companies, governments and organizations to move cities towards a better future. The motto of this edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress is “Cities Inspired by People”. In this context, Ubiwhere wants to inspire with its solutions that promote the best technology for Smart Cities.

Ubiwhere, a digital company focused on the research and development of innovative technological solutions oriented to the areas of Smart Cities, Telecommunications and the Internet of the Future, will be located at Fira Barcelona Gran Vía, Hall P2, Stand C-131 at Smart City Expo World Congress, in Barcelona, from the 15th to the 17th of November.

This fair will bring together leading experts and international reference companies such as FIWARE, Microsoft, Mercedes Benz and Ubiwhere, who will share scientific knowledge and disseminate the main challenges of urban transformation.

Being Smart is being with citizens: it is in this context that Ubiwhere seeks to develop solutions that stimulate the generation of urban intelligence. In 2022, Ubiwhere presents itself at SCEWC’22, showing that a smart city can be at your fingertips: for any city that can find the necessary support in its process of building everything smart and for any citizen, regardless of its digital literacy, that has the right to benefit from the information generated by the city in which they live.

In this edition, Ubiwhere has new products to demonstrate: TELCO products and their added value for cities, the Urban Platform’s new features, and verticals for cities inserted in the Urban Catalogue:


- TELCO products

The investment in TELECOM by cities represents an increased ability to address expectations and needs in a more responsive and operable way. The added value of Ubiwhere is its ability to be an enabler/integrator of this vision, providing support throughout the city’s building as a neutral operator. It is about the scale-up of the Smart City concept. This scale-up directly improves the city’s service quality, security, privacy and capacities to evaluate and audit the capacity of its territory.


- Urban Platform - New features

This year, the Urban Platform introduces two new features - AI Forecasting and the Mobile version for the citizen. In addition, a unique feature of the Urban Platform is being developed to manage information about buildings. The aim is to integrate city information on buildings, providing the platform with new layers of information, this time not restricted to public space.


- Verticals - Urban Catalogue

Ubiwhere continues to develop a set of vertical solutions that respond directly to a domain of activity of cities, seeking to generate data and, from them, generate information for better decision-making, the examples are:

- Smart Parking

- Smart PAYT

- Smart Tourism

- Mobility Catalogue

- Smart Air Quality

- Smartlamppost

Implementing these vertical solutions, adjusted to the specific needs and domains of the city, is the first step towards the digitalisation of a city and the construction of the Smart City concept.

Once again, Ubiwhere is stepping up the game and is preparing many surprises to share with you at Smart City Expo World Congress 2022. In Barcelona, come to us and meet our solutions and technologies that make cities increasingly intelligent and sustainable.