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MAY 10 2023

Ubiwhere is part of a consortium of European technology project led by the University of Aveiro


The University of Aveiro is involved in three research and technological development projects for 6G networks with European funding. The group of coordinated Portuguese entities focused on these projects include Ubiwhere, one of the companies developing the project IMAGINE-B5G.

The three research and technological development projects, with the University of Aveiro’s participation, are called "SNS OPS", "RIGOUROUS", and "IMAGINE-B5G" and are funded by the European Union under the "Smart Networks and Services" programme. The coordinator of the three projects and professor of the Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics of the University of Aveiro (DETI), Rui Aguiar, believes that the 6th generation of wireless communication technologies supporting mobile Internet networks "will probably be commercially available by 2030".

About the IMAGINE-5G project, Rui Aguar reveals that "it acts as an interface for different industries to explore the new communication technologies in experimental scopes, in platforms installed in the regions of Oslo, Nice, Valencia and Aveiro, covering areas such as industry, emergency services and health, or education".

Ubiwhere is one of the technology companies involved in the project IMAGINE-B5G, a Smart Network and Services Project that aims to implement an advanced, accessible, secure, and programmable end-to-end 5G platform for large-scale trials and pilots in Europe by leveraging the best-breed of B5G features. The IMAGINE-B5G E2E facility will fuel testing and experimentation of core technologies and architectures, facilitating innovative services and businesses, and become a key enabler for future B5G vertical services and applications.

The IMAGINE-B5G project expects to have a huge impact worldwide among vertical industries by equipping European verticals with facilities that will increase their ability for innovation, digitalisation, and driving European economies and deploying concurrent trials which will serve to prove that operators can deliver on the stringent technical requirements of new B5G/6G applications.

The project includes operators such as Telenor or Telefonica and reference companies such as Nokia, Airbus or Samsung. The Portuguese entities coordinated by Instituto de Telecomunicações also include Ubiwhere, Altice Labs and AltranPortugal.