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Ubiwhere hosts the webinar ’’URBSENSE Cities as Living Organisms’’ | News - Ubiwhere



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JUN 21 2021

Ubiwhere hosts the webinar ’’URBSENSE Cities as Living Organisms’’


Next Tuesday, Ubiwhere presents the event ’’The City Nervous System - URBSENSE Cities as Living Organism’’, a live broadcast from the University of Aveiro, where the company’s solutions have been developing to leverage the generation of smart services and networks of the future in Smart Cities.

The Ubiwhere event, in Live Studio format and broadcast online, will take place on June 22, at 3:00 pm. The session will focus on the presentation of the URBSENSE platform, a disruptive solution created to support the management of infrastructures for data processing and provision of communications through the 4G and 5G network. It applies cutting-edge technologies such as Edge Computing and Neutral Hosting, other innovative solutions with applicability in Smart Cities and Telecommunications of the Future.

The event will comprise a series of sessions dedicated to the applicability of this innovative solution and the benefits that the new concept presents when implementing 5G networks by Mobile Telecommunications Operators, Municipalities and holders of urban infrastructures. It will also feature, with the intervention of Sérgio Ramos Pinto, from E-REDES (EDP), focused on the company’s vision and proposals for innovation given the opportunities and challenges of the telecommunications of the future.

This webinar will take place at Connected Intelligence Open Lab, by Ubiwhere, a new and recent space for experimentation and co-creation in Technology, Connectivity and Urban Intelligence located at the Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics (DETI) of the University of Aveiro.

Those interested in participating in this event must register for free HERE.