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Ubiwhere fosters the Blue Control Centre project, a connected aquaculture platform | News - Ubiwhere



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JAN 18 2024

Ubiwhere fosters the Blue Control Centre project, a connected aquaculture platform


Ubiwhere is the leader of the Blue Control Centre consortium, a project that aims to connect and monitor relevant data from fish farms with the main goal of remotely monitoring their condition and the general well-being of the fish. The consortium for this project includes also Landbasert Akvakultur Norge and the University of Agder.

This project intends to connect aquaculture to a platform enabling real-time decision-making and measuring the impact of the necessary indicators on the ponds. As such, the platform must be deeply rooted in the best sensors and telecoms networks to extract highly accurate measurements in real-time. Ubiwhere, in collaboration with two Norwegian entities, is working to create a connected monitoring platform - a control centre - that will integrate data from various sources to help fish farmers get an overview of their operations, translating into more informed decisions. This platform is based on Ubiwhere’s vast experience in other sectors, from cities to telecoms.

The Blue Control Centre seeks to equip fish farms with sensors and peripheral computing nodes to collect relevant indicators. This project is dedicated to researching the applicability of adding 5G and satellite-based communications to this sector. With the Blue Control Centre, it is possible to create an occurrence engine that sends alerts when thresholds are exceeded and to determine the levels of severity in the different equipment with different alerts. This innovative project, therefore, aims to explore the possibility of adding computer vision to monitor fish development and algae growth.

From an operational point of view, the Blue Control Centre innovates by creating the basis for linking aquaculture to remote decision-making, acting in real time, learning from past decisions, and expanding the business more easily.

Do you want to find out more about this project and dive into important information about the Blue Control Centre? Don’t stay afloat and download the brochure here below!