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Ubiwhere displays the best of technology at Aveiro Tech Week 2022 | News - Ubiwhere



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OCT 06 2022

Ubiwhere displays the best of technology at Aveiro Tech Week 2022


Technology, art and culture are the cardinal points that will guide Aveiro Tech Week. This initiative by Aveiro City Hall gathers events and demonstrations with free entrance from 10 to 16 October in the city of Aveiro. Ubiwhere is one of the companies that will play an essential role in this event, with several participations throughout the week. Do you want to know which ones? We have all the information you need to know!

Consisting of three major events - Techdays, Criatech and Prisma/ Art Light Tech, Aveiro Tech Week proposes a varied programme of initiatives open to the city, the community and all those interested in technology, innovation, knowledge, art and culture. For seven days, Aveiro Tech Week energises the town. It turns it into an attractive stage for actions, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, light, sound installations, digital arts and performances, which project Aveiro as an epicentre of the technological route in the process of affirmation and growth for the technical and creative industries.

Ubiwhere, as a leading company in technology, will be present in this event through unique and unmissable initiatives inserted in the various strands of Aveiro Tech Week. Aiming to improve citizens’ quality of life, Ubiwhere designs and develops several solutions for the demanding challenges that smart cities face in environmental monitoring, energy efficiency, mobility and sustainability. In order to disseminate our solutions, get to know here our trajectory and planning for Aveiro Tech Week:



October 12 | 04h30 PM - 06h30 PM: Workshop "Autonomous and Connected Mobility" - Edíficio Atlas, Aveiro Tech City Hub (Floor 2)

Mobility is a crucial topic in the discussion of the city’s daily life and its citizens, and its evolution and constant adaptation are necessary. This workshop, organised by Ubiwhere and the Instituto das Telecomunicações, intends to present new projects in the area of autonomous mobility and discuss the future of autonomous mobility and its evolution represents a benefit for citizens. Would you like to attend and participate in this workshop? Make your free registration here.



Days 10 to 13 October | 02h50 PM: Presentation of Urban Platform and Smart PAYT - Praça da República and Largo do Mercado Manuel Firmino

From 10 to 13 October, Aveiro Tech Week will present a public space presentation of a set of technologically innovative products developed in Aveiro by the event’s main partners. Ubiwhere will demonstrate two of our most prestigious innovations: Urban Platform, a web solution that provides a digital twin and real-time status of the city, supporting better decision-making by public space managers, and Smart PAYT, a pay-as-you-throw waste collection solution designed to encourage citizens to separate waste.


Days 10 to 14 October | Demonstration of Autonomous Vehicle - Ride2Autonomy - Praça da República and Largo do Mercado Manuel Firmino

The Municipality of Aveiro, in consortium with the Instituto de Telecomunicações and Ubiwhere, integrates the European project "Ride2Autonomy", which demonstrates solutions in 10 European cities for the public transport of passengers with self-driving vehicles. In Aveiro, the demonstration consists of an autonomous driving shuttle that will transport people on a predefined route between Praça da República and Praça Marquês de Pombal. Inside the shuttle, demonstrations of communication between the vehicle and the infrastructure of Aveiro Tech City Living Lab will be performed, as well as the detection of objects and people around the vehicle. A bus that walks by itself stops when it encounters any obstacle, and that is powered by electricity.

The trips are free of charge. The schedule for the autonomous driving "shuttle" demonstrations during Aveiro Tech Week is as follows:

10 Oct - 02h00 PM - 04h00 PM

11 Oct - 02h00 PM - 04h00 PM

12 Oct - 02h00 PM - 04h00 PM

13 Oct - 02h00 PM - 04h00 PM

14 Oct - 10h00 AM - 12h00 AM


Besides the highlight of the Ride2Autonomy project, with the demonstration of a self-driving public transport vehicle, a workshop and an exhibition area with presentations of technological solutions in the urban centre of the city, Ubiwhere proposes to participate in Aveiro Tech Week with more initiatives focused on Education, such as the participation in the Open Days and the sponsoring of the Hackathon challenge "Aveiro Tech City".



The Hackathon "Aveiro Tech City" is a programming competition where the participants, organised in teams based on their skills and knowledge, seek to develop innovative and disruptive solutions to five challenges. Technology-based companies of the Aveiro ecosystem present these challenges: Altice Labs, Bosch, Ubiwhere and Wavecom and a challenge by Aveiro Tech City Living Lab.

Challenge #3, supported by Ubiwhere, is entitled "IoT platform for data sovereignty in crisis environments". This challenge is aimed at the technological community, students, researchers and professionals in programming, UX and web design. At stake is prize money totalling 25,000 euros (5,000 euros for one of the five challenges).



Following the technology week, Ubiwhere will participate in the initiative "Aveiro Tech City Open Day", which aims to show the city’s companies to university students. In this sense, on October 12th, between 03h00 PM and 06h00 PM, Ubiwhere’s team will receive students in its headquarters to show them more about Ubiwhere and reward them with a small gathering in our garden.


The Aveiro Tech Week event will give visibility to several innovative and technological projects, assuming the city as a living experimentation space and reinforcing the importance of technology as an innovation accelerator for economic development and improving citizens’ quality of life. As one of the city’s reference technology companies, Ubiwhere will again demonstrate the best technology in the city of Aveiro and that its digital solutions can build a better future for all.