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JAN 29 2024

Ubiwhere brings together renowned organisations to discuss the evolution of the Digital Nervous System Testbed


On the 25th of January, Ubiwhere organised and hosted another edition of the Digital Nervous System (DNS) Testbed Forum, which relevant Digital Nervous System Testbed partners attended. In line with the first session organised in September 2023, it is through the DNS Testbed Forum that Ubiwhere shows its commitment to innovation and excellence in technology.

At this online session, partners who collaborate with DNS Testbed by Ubiwhere were present: IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes, Sanjotec, the University of Aveiro, the Port of Aveiro and TICE.PT, organisations looking for greater participation in this technological concept with a massive digital impact. In addition to these organisations, there are others, such as the Municipality of Guimarães, which is also aware of all the work and evolution of the Digital Nervous System Testbed. All the discussions shared and generated between Ubiwhere and the partners involved centred on various points, such as obtaining advice, strategic guidance, experience and disseminating impartial perspectives to support informed decision-making to meet the project’s ambitious goals. Furthermore, some of the pilot products developed in the first Wave of the Digital Nervous System Testbed by Ubiwhere were presented, the development methodology was discussed, and some results of their progress were shown to continue to improve the next Waves.

The DNS Testbed Forum plans to meet four times - once after each development Wave and once at the end of the project - to discuss the project’s development status. In the context of this project, a Wave refers to a period during which the participating companies are developing their pilot product.

This session preceded Webinar #1, "The Digital Nervous System Testbed - A Comprehensive Demonstration of the Findings", which will take place on the 31st of January. This session will showcase the Digital Nervous System Testbed, its work, and how Portuguese startups and SMEs can benefit from its services at prices below market value. Do you want to know more about the Digital Nervous System Testbed by Ubiwhere and its pilot products? Sign up here!