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AUG 29 2023

Ubiwhere belongs to the Portuguese Facility Site of the IMAGINE-B5G project: the 1st Open Call runs until 1st September!


The IMAGINE-B5G project will fuel the testing and experimentation of core technologies and architectures, facilitating innovative services and businesses, and become a key enabler for future B5G vertical services and applications. Ubiwhere belongs to the Portuguese facility of the IMAGINE-B5G project and expects to have a colossal impact worldwide among vertical industries by equipping European verticals with facilities that will increase their ability for innovation, digitalisation, and driving European economies and using its pilots with verticals and cross-vertical industries to demonstrate Europe’s B5G evolution and leadership in advanced 5G technologies and architectures.

The Portuguese Facility of the IMAGINE B-5G project brings together four entities: Instituto de Telecomunicações, Altice Labs, Capgemini, and Ubiwhere. It also features a platform that exploits a rich set of capabilities and characteristics beyond mere equipment aggregation. The Portuguese facility is geographically distributed in the Aveiro area and features various 5G Stand-Alone (SA) indoor and outdoor sites and edge deployments spanning multiple locations. The Portuguese Facility is open for experimentation.

The Portuguese facility welcomes the opportunity to co-create value-added use cases and extend the facility with the Open Call partners. The IMAGINE-B5G Open Calls can engage third-party stakeholders towards the conceptualisation, development, experimentation, and validation of novel vertical applications in the current and future B5G ecosystem.

The first open call runs until the 1st of September. In the first open call, third parties are invited to present proposals to test and validate their novel vertical applications through pilots and trials on the IMAGINE-B5G facilities and to provide novel features through Hardware and Software extensions to the IMAGINE-B5G facilities thanks to the openness of the IMAGINE-B5G framework. Do you want to find out more about IMAGINE-B5G and its Open Calls? All the information is here!