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MAR 15 2023

Smart5Grid: A New Era for the Energy Sector


The proliferation of 5G public networks represents a new possibility for managing critical systems, such as the energy sector. With the adoption of 5G networks, energy sector operators are expected to achieve significant efficiency gains at the time of acquisition and during operation.

However, the energy sector faces unique challenges ranging from growing demand, liberalisation, the democratisation of access to technology and the adoption of new climate measures. Among these challenges, there is an increased need for resilience and security of the networks and an improvement in the quality of service provided.

The Smart5Grid project has been developed to enable energy sector operators to take advantage of the benefits associated with 5G networks. The solution lies in an infrastructure management framework that comprises management, control and monitoring modules based on network-slicing mechanisms for virtualising independent networks in the same infrastructure.

The implementation of Smart5Grid will also enable the development of a Smart Grid infrastructure alarmistic platform serving as an Integrated Centre for Operational Management and Control for the edge devices at the edge part of the network. The Urban Platform, Ubiwhere’s solution designed as a cloud platform for smart cities, will be adapted for monitoring use cases and Digital Twins of Smart Grid infrastructures.

Ubiwhere, Proef and Universidade de Coimbra have joined forces to bring the Smart5Grid project to life, allowing industries with critical systems to achieve efficiency gains and increase their networks’ efficiency, reliability and security.

Smart5Grid represents a new era for the energy sector, enabling companies to access the technology and features inherent to 5G networks.