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Save the date: DNS Connect Testbed Beyond Numbers - an innovation experience organised by Ubiwhere | News - Ubiwhere



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DEC 04 2023

Save the date: DNS Connect Testbed Beyond Numbers - an innovation experience organised by Ubiwhere


On the 7th of December, Ubiwhere will organise the "DNS Connect Testbed Beyond Numbers" session at 9.30 am in the Atlas Building in Aveiro. More than just a meeting, this event will be an experience designed to strengthen partnerships and drive innovation within the business and technology community.

The Digital Nervous System Testbed by Ubiwhere is a campus for SMEs and startups to develop and test innovative product and service ideas, offering services using computing continuum, 5G, IoT-edge-to-cloud and zero-touch automation technologies. In this way, this Ubiwhere’s solution provides a reliable, accessible and friendly means of testing innovative ideas through advanced tools and specialised support, simulating real scenarios and facilitating the identification and resolution of problems.

Ubiwhere explains the event concept: "Testbed Beyond Numbers" symbolises the practical and experimental approach, while "DNS Connect" represents the dynamic and interconnected network of companies and technologies. At this meeting, participants will be guided by an environment that encourages collaboration, exploring innovative solutions and long-term vision. The event will also showcase the current state of development of the pilot products supported by the Digital Nervous System Testbed by Ubiwhere. In this sense, all participating organisations will be able to learn about the work being carried out within this technological solution aimed at boosting the digital transition. This experience will be a unique opportunity to share progress, insights and potential and will be attended by organisations such as Parkware, Smartlamppost, Atronia and Riasearch.

An event where agile solutions will be presented, intelligent decisions will be analysed, and the innovative future of each company will be conceived.