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’’Raise Your Voice Towards Sustainability’’: Ubiwhere invited students to suit a greener future | News - Ubiwhere



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MAR 17 2022

’’Raise Your Voice Towards Sustainability’’: Ubiwhere invited students to suit a greener future


’’Raise Your Voice Towards Sustainability’’ was an initiative held by Ubiwhere on March 15th at DECA - Departmento de Comunicação e Arte of the University of Aveiro. With the presence of students from the Master in Communication and Web Technologies, this session was focused on sharing knowledge by our Project Managers regarding the launching of new ideas and the emergence of new digital concepts for the construction of a greener future.

Founded in 2007, Ubiwhere is a software company focused on researching and developing innovative technological solutions oriented to the areas of Smart Cities, Telecommunications, and Future Internet. Ubiwhere cooperates with a broad specialised network at the national and international level, which values and recognises the company’s large-scale contribution to its creative and innovative projects.

This way, some team members created the initiative "Raise Your Voice Towards Sustainability" and invited the Master in Communication and Web Technologies students of the University of Aveiro to know Ubiwhere’s sustainability projects and our innovative solutions. Inês Reis, Ricardo Vitorino, Noela Pina and Inês Cunha by Ubiwhere were the faces of a diversified team prepared to handle the market’s biggest challenges, namely the technological ones.

All the presents had the opportunity to know two innovation projects of Ubiwhere - FranchetAI and NEANIAS - that are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals:

FranchetAI is an innovative solution based on data and artificial intelligence to help cities absorb traffic pollution.

NEANIAS is a project that drives the delivery of innovative thematic services derived from cutting-edge research resources and practices in three major sectors: underwater research, atmospheric research and space research, each involving multitudinous academic and business groups, numerous researchers, practitioners and government entities.

After our team presented these Ubiwhere projects, the invited students had the opportunity to design a case study on topics related to sustainability and Smart Cities, intending to create a greener future. Throughout the session, students got to know the whole process of producing a solution and prepared a presentation on an idea to increase sustainability in society. After each presented idea, the students received constructive feedback from the Ubiwhere team members who encouraged them to keep working towards a better future.

The next step is to work every day to make the world better and more sustainable. Are you ready to "Raise Your Voice Towards Sustainability"?