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JUN 05 2024

Os desafios da Transição Digital: Ubiwhere and IPN showcase their technological solutions for SMEs and startups


On the 11th of June, Ubiwhere, together with the Instituto Pedro Nunes, is organising the event “Os desafios da Transição Digital” as part of the Roadshow Digital Nervous System Testbed. This session will take place at the IPN in Coimbra and will showcase technological solutions that can boost the digital transition of national SMEs and startups.

Ubiwhere is inviting Portuguese startups and SMEs located in Coimbra, as well as all the companies incubated at the Instituto Pedro Nunes, on a journey towards digital innovation. The session “Os desafios da Transição Digital”, part of the Roadshow Digital Nervous System Testbed, aims to present the DNS Testbed and promote companies’ involvement in the Coimbra region.

The programme for the “Os desafios da Transição Digital” event on the 11th of June at the IPN in Coimbra includes the presentation of services available to startups and SMEs with the intervention of a Digital Innovation Hub, EDIH DigiHealthPT from Health Cluster Portugal and two Testbeds approved through the National Testbed Network: the Digital Nervous System Testbed by Ubiwhere, which operates in multiple sectors, and the TEF-Health Testbed promoted by the Instituto Pedro Nunes, which operates in the Health sector.

During the event, companies from the Coimbra region will have the opportunity to share their technological and digital needs with the aim of boosting their business. After the companies’ pitches, the session will include a Roundtable discussion about the main challenges in the digital transition, which will be attended by science and technology experts. The guest speakers are Maria João Campos (Head of Information and Communication Systems at the São João Local Health Unit), Rui Gomes (Head of Information and Communication Systems at the Coimbra Local Health Unit), Ricardo Vitorino (Head of Technical Communication at Ubiwhere) and Sandra Balseiro (Coordinator of the IPN Regulatory Support Unit).

With this initiative, Ubiwhere will endeavour to present a proposed solution to the challenges presented using the services available on the DNS Testbed. The Digital Nervous System Testbed by Ubiwhere has more than 50 services available to accelerate any company’s innovation. It provides edge-to-cloud services and the knowledge and support of a multidisciplinary team, helping these companies accelerate the placing of products on the market at reduced costs.

If you belong to a Portuguese SME or Startup in the Coimbra region, sign up and be one of the passengers on this journey towards the digital transition! Register for free using the form now available.