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Ubiwhere creates a new smart solution to support European cities on air quality monitoring and forecasting | News - Ubiwhere



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DEC 29 2020

Ubiwhere creates a new smart solution to support European cities on air quality monitoring and forecasting


Ubiwhere is participating in the European Project NEANIAS, by leading the creation of a software solution for smart monitoring of air quality and energy loss in cities.

NEANIAS (which stands for “Novel EOSC Services for Emerging Atmosphere, Underwater & Space Challenges”) is a project developed under the Horizon 2020 Programme, aiming to promote Open Science practices and to play an active role in the materialisation of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) ecosystem.

The EOSC is a digital platform created by the European Comission that offers researchers and professionals of the scientific community transparent access to interoperable data and services addressing all cycle of data research, from collection, to storage and analysis, which can be reused across diverse countries and activities. Its purpose is to establish a digital environment of open and integrable services in a catalogue format, presenting the feedback of each user and the results of application of the certain service so that third parties can benefit from these services and information, fostering scientific knowledge exchange and boosting innovation in Europe.

NEANIAS gathers 20 partners, from Universities and Research Centres to high-tech businesses, among which Ubiwhere, that contribute to this ecosystem with the design, development and integration of thematic solutions on the scope of Atmospheric, Underwaters and Space research topics.

Ubiwhere is responsible for developing a smart solution for air quality monitoring and forecasting and analysis of energy loss in cities, based on historical data from different sources.

The solution will be developed and validated within the project, so it can be integrated into the EOSC catalogue, for cities and research communities to benefit from the technology and the collected data to create new and innovative products.

Besides the contribution this new service represents for the scientific community, it is also an opportunity for Ubiwhere, that becomes capable of complementing its Urban Platform with a new functionality.

Urban Platform was created by Ubiwhere to address cities’ daily challenges and truly prepared them for the future. Easy, intuitive and comprehensive, it offers a global and integrated view of the city to Municipalities, authorities and service providers, displaying information on its several verticals, from mobility and energy to air quality and sustainability.

With the new service of atmospheric monitoring, Urban Platform offers cities valuable indicators for more efficient management of services (on the scope of Mobility, for instance), with direct impact over air quality, so they can be aligned with the European and international metrics for sustainable development (such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals) and focus on improving the quality of life of its citizens through a clean and safe air.

Once again, Ubiwhere is committed to responding to the urban challenges associated with sustainable development, improving its solutions, so they can have a real and positive impact on the quality of life of all people.