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Mobile World Congress 2023: Portuguese representation is ensured by Ubiwhere | News - Ubiwhere



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MAR 01 2023

Mobile World Congress 2023: Portuguese representation is ensured by Ubiwhere


The Mobile World Congress takes place this week in Barcelona, and Ubiwhere is the only Portuguese company exhibiting in the world’s largest Telecoms forum.

Considered an annual milestone in the digital ecosystem calendar, the Mobile World Congress gathers companies and experts worldwide in the telecommunications and connectivity area. It is assumed as a space for announcing new trends and products in the sector. The 2023 edition is under the theme "Smart Connectivity", in which participants and visitors can get in touch with products, initiatives and innovations related to Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, Digital Trust, Orchestration, Cloud Solutions, etc.

Ubiwhere, a 100% Portuguese company in the digital sector, focused on the research and development of innovative technological solutions in the Smart Cities and Telecommunications area, is present at Mobile World Congress 2023. With its stand positioned in the centre of the fairground, Ubiwhere will exhibit its latest technological solutions. According to GSMA (organised entity) and AICEP (Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade of Portugal), Ubiwhere is the only Portuguese company exhibiting at the event.

Apart from presenting its solutions in the Smart Cities area (of which the Urban Platform stands out), Ubiwhere is disclosing new products in the Telecommunications and 5G networks area. The Unicle Platform is an "edge platform that supports connectivity between a wide range of technologies and applications that subsequently favour the integration of information and analysis functionalities, V2X communication and storage", explains Hélio Simeão, Telco Product Owner at Ubiwhere. He also adds the 5GaaS project that, currently being finalised, "is making the implementation of the 5G network and its access easier and in a more decentralised way".

For Rui A. Costa, co-CEO, "the exhibition at the Mobile World Congress represents a fundamental condition for Ubiwhere (and, in this case, for Portugal) to make itself known to the world as the leader it is and intends to continue to be in the telecommunications ecosystem. He points out that "it is in privileged spaces like Mobile World Congress that we can meet key players from around the world to design, with them, the future of technology and Ubiwhere’s extensive work in strengthening 5G networks and launching 6G networks ("Beyond 5G") justifies this presence."

Mobile World Congress started on February 27 and finishes on March 2 at the Fira Barcelona.