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JUN 05 2020

Golang is the theme of the new online workshop of the Ubi-Academy


The next initiative of the Ubi-Academy is taking place on June 15th, with a particular focus on Golang, an open-source programming language suited for building simple, reliable and efficient software.

With the main goal of equipping the academic community with the technical expertise required by this market, this online session will focus on Golang, offering a theoretical introduction followed by specific moments for practical exercises, from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM, moderated by Bruno Silva, Software Engineer at Ubiwhere.

Besides improving their Golang knowledge, the participants will have the opportunity to learn from the perspective of a skilled professional in the field, namely on the challenges that may appear on the way, and which are the main strategies to implement for continuous technical improvement.

With this workshop, Ubiwhere, once again, strengthen its relationship with the academic community, by preparing students today for the challenges of tomorrow, offering them a wide and diversified set of abilities targeting the needs of the business world.

You can sign up here right away.