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APR 16 2020

Ubiwhere contributes to European project on Healthcare with data harmonisation platform


One of the main objectives at Ubiwhere is to create interoperable smart solutions that turn the world into a more sustainable and efficient place, ultimately making people’s lives better.

We focus on addressing the challenges of Smart Cities, 5G Telecommunications and, New Technologies to support digitalisation (such as of systems for Healthcare and Assisted Living). By overcoming these challenges, we have gained vast knowledge in data orchestration, standardisation and interoperability, as well as innovative thinking, which has led our involvement in several national and European projects and active participation in Open Standards initiatives like AIOTI, ETSI or FIWARE. Supported by the experience acquired in these projects and the valuable collaboration offered by the standardisation bodies, we have built sophisticated cloud platforms, with data collection and harmonisation powered by open standards, allowing the integration of IoT devices and third-party applications and systems.

Ubiwhere’s contribution to TeNDER, a European project aiming to develop an integrated care model for patients with neurodegenerative diseases, will benefit from our significant data science experience. The main goal of the project is to monitor patients across several types of healthcare settings through sensors and cameras, affective recognition technology and such, and use this information to ease the communication between social and health care professionals, and to extend the autonomy of patients who live independently.

Ubiwhere is responsible for the integration of a standard platform to collect, harmonise and make data available for our partners to draw indicators on the quality of life of these patients.

The other distinctive companies and research centres contributing to this project are Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain), Servicio Madrileño de Salud (Spain), Asociación Parkinson Madrid (Spain), Università degli Studi di Roma - ‘Tor Vergata’ Hospital (Italy), Schön Klinic Bad Aibling (Germany), Spominica - Alzheimer Slovenia (Slovenia), Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (Greece), DataWizard (Italy), Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium), Maggioli Group (Italy), Elgoline Doo (Slovenia), and the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation (Belgium).