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AUG 01 2019

drEVen: Ubiwhere’s sustainable approach to EV Charging


Electric vehicles (EV) are a safe, cost-effective, and ecological mobility alternative. Its use has been increasing, which propitiated random charging behaviours, subsequently unbalancing the energy demand and pushing the need for new demand-response mechanisms.

drEVen is created on the scope of Ubiwhere’s winning proposal for VICINITY’s Open Call. It envisions an intelligent system that shifts casual EV charging energy consumption to periods of higher energy production.

To validate this solution, Smartlamppost, integrated with Magnum Cap’s EV charging solution, will be installed in Enercoutim facilities (Alcoutim, Portugal), in the company's Solar Lab (VICINITY partner).

The data collected from the IoT sensors integrated into VICINITY’s platform will designate the best timing for EV charging, based on production and storage capacity as well as market conditions (grid energy injection). This way, EV drivers are incentivized to put this excessive energy production into good use, by charging their vehicles from clean energy and at a reduced tariff.

Drivers will be notified with the best timings in which they can benefit from lower EV Charging tariffs, through a mobile app integrated into the solution.

The settlement and billing solutions are powered by an open and public Blockchain, adding transparency and trust in the process, through openly accessible and auditable Smart Contracts. Therefore, drEVen’s integration with the EV charging industry OCPP protocol (Open Charge Point Protocol), and move to open and public blockchains, enables the basis for a completely decentralised EV charging ecosystem. All billing functions (automatic), settlements and agreements are supported by the mobile application, with an integrated cryptocurrency wallet.

Once again Smartlamppost proves to be an excellent fit into a smart city solution. It will propitiate a higher use of electric transportation, and motivate drivers of this type of vehicles to efficiently manage their energy consumption.

Simultaneously, the solution showcases how any energy producer may actually double as EV Charging Operator, adopting any OCPP-compliant EV charging station, fostering a new decentralised circular economy.


ue_flag This project has received funding from the EU´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 688467