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SEP 29 2023

DNS Testbed Forum: an innovative session organised by Ubiwhere


On the 26th of September 2023, Ubiwhere organised the DNS Testbed Forum, the first online session of an innovative initiative where the strategy for operationalising the Digital Nervous System Testbed was presented, based on the creation of four waves, each of which consists of three phases: attracting companies, training, developing and testing pilot products. It is hoped to have 105 pilot products in September 2025.

This session began a unique collaboration between several leading organisations, such as TICE.PT, INOV, Guimarães City Council, SANJOTEC, IPN Incubadora, MOBINOV and the University of Aveiro. All these organisations had the opportunity to answer questions and share suggestions for improvement.

The main aim of this session was to receive contributions and insights from relevant organisations. These contributions will be very useful in playing a vital role in the ongoing evolution of the Digital Nervous System Testbed by Ubiwhere.

The Digital Nervous System (DNS) Testbed can be understood as a campus for developing and testing innovative solutions to drive the digital transition of Portuguese startups and SMEs.

Rui A. Costa, co-CEO of Ubiwhere, highlighted the importance of this initiative: "We are dedicated to driving innovation, and the digital transition of Portuguese startups and SMEs through the DNS Testbed is a crucial part of that mission. This first session of the DNS Testbed Forum was a good method for receiving contributions and perspectives from external organisations to improve processes and, consequently, successfully achieve the ambitious results we have set ourselves."

Through the DNS Testbed Forum, Ubiwhere shows its commitment to innovation and technological excellence.