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SEP 18 2023

Celebrating Open-Source Software with ANSOL: Ubiwhere presents the potential of open technologies in the Connected Intelligence Open Lab


On the 15th of September, Ubiwhere presented Free Software’s true value and potential with the workshop ’’Coding the Future of Cities - Open Source Software Applied to Smart Cities’’ during Festa do Software Livre at the University of Aveiro.

The "Festa do Software Livre" event, coordinated by ANSOL, is a Portuguese event involving several communities and organisations interested in Open Source Software. The 2023 edition of this initiative took place at the University of Aveiro.

Ubiwhere, as a leading company in Smart City and Telecommunications technologies, recognises the great potential of Open Source Software and aims to create open structures for the community. Furthermore, it understands the value of co-creating innovative ideas between industry and academia. For these reasons, it has organised a dynamic workshop open to students and event participants in the Connected Intelligence Open Lab, Ubiwhere’s technological space in the university’s Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics (DETI).

This event aimed to introduce the process of creating and compiling customised operating systems. It carried out an interactive demonstration showcasing the capabilities and potential of such tools for developing Smart Cities.

Ubiwhere understands the importance of Open Source Software communities and their role in creating digital solutions. The free use of software enables the generation of knowledge and the acquisition of valuable information for decision-makers, providing relevant data for management platforms and benefiting cities as a whole.