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Beyond Values & Variables - Data Science and Big Data: find out more about Ubiwhere’s DNS Testbed at this event! | News - Ubiwhere



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FEB 22 2024

Beyond Values & Variables - Data Science and Big Data: find out more about Ubiwhere’s DNS Testbed at this event!


On the 27th of February, the University of Minho in Guimarães will host ’’Beyond Values & Variables - Data Science and Big Data’’, an event promoted by PROEF and CCG and attended by representatives of the registered Testbeds. ’’Data Science’’ and ’’Big Data’’ will be the main topics of this programme, which will be aimed at national start-ups and SMEs.

AI-CENTER Testbed has created a complete and innovative programme for this event, which will include a themed workshop and a showroom dedicated to demonstrating the services of the different Testbeds involved in "Beyond Values & Variables - Data Science and Big Data":

- The themed workshop is entitled "The Power of Data to Leverage Your Business" and will be a session where participants will discuss the challenges faced by startups and SMEs, such as resource constraints, lack of experience in data analysis and the implementation of big data solutions. 

- The Test Beds Showroom of the "Beyond Values and Variables" initiative will be an innovation space where the Testbeds developed by the organisations that are part of the National Testbeds Network will be showcased. During the event, the advantages of the digital transition for companies will be shown through demonstrations of success stories that have already been implemented.


The Workshop and Showroom will be open to the community, thus giving Startups and SMEs from the region and surrounding areas the opportunity to get to know the services offered by all the Testbeds in the National Network.

Ubiwhere, a technology company that focuses on software solutions for Smart Cities and Telecommunications, will be at the event to present the Digital Nervous System Testbed, a campus for startups and SMEs to develop and test innovative product and service ideas using computing continuum, 5G, IoT-edge-to-cloud and zero-touch automation technologies.

The DNS Testbed will be demonstrated in the Testbeds Showroom and shown as a solution for the digital transition that provides a reliable, accessible and friendly means of testing innovative ideas through advanced tools and specialised support, simulating real scenarios and facilitating the identification and resolution of problems.

This event will be an experience designed to strengthen partnerships and boost innovation within the business and technology community. The Digital Nervous System Testbed will be one of the protagonists on display. Sign up and learn more about DNS Testbed’s services: click here