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JUN 20 2024

Beyond 5G and 6G Research and Innovation Projects by Ubiwhere highlighted in SNS Journal 2024


The SNS JU 2024 brings together industry leaders, academic institutions and policymakers to drive the development and deployment of cutting-edge technologies. The SNS JU 2024 seeks to address key challenges facing the telecommunications sector by promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing among stakeholders. In this document, there are five projects, of which Ubiwhere is a consortium member, are highlighted as great examples of solutions for shaping the future of connectivity.

All of the SNS JU projects addressed the importance of sustainability in relation to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Ubiwhere is a member of the consortium of five of these projects mentioned in this document and is working on important contributions. These research and innovation projects are:

- IMAGINE-B5G: this project enables concurrent trialling of high volumes of diverse innovative and advanced use cases from seven verticals: PPDR, smart agriculture, media, eHealth, education, transportation, logistics, Industry 4.0, and energy sectors. Ubiwhere’s contribution is to provide its edge computing platform, which efficiently collects and processes data to provide smooth real-time reporting, critical updates, and actionable intelligence;

- ETHER: a project that provides a terrestrial and non-terrestrial network ecosystem framework that involves efficient, zero-touch resource management. The expectation from Ubiwhere in the ETHER project, aligned with the 5G and the beginning of the study of 6G, is the opportunity to help define the 3D ETHER network architecture and the horizontal and vertical interfaces;

Hexa-X-II: a unique project that represents the full value chain for future connectivity solutions, and Nokia leads the consortium. This project strives to overcome challenges of sustainability, inclusion, and trustworthiness. Ubiwhere will contribute with its expertise in Life Cycle Assessment, Network orchestration, E2E architectures, and sustainability;

- The 6G-Cloud project: it brings a new concept of cloud continuity that will be developed far beyond current continuity limitations to meet the requirements of the 6G network in terms of performance, intelligence, flexibility, energy efficiency and extreme resource efficiency. Within the 6G-Cloud project, Ubiwhere leads the dissemination and exploitation of the project’s Work Package and will contribute to analysing use cases, designing the system architecture, creating the resource orchestration structure, and prototyping;

- The 6G-Twin project: it aims to create new structures for the future 6G architecture and provide solutions beyond the 5G service-based architecture SBA capabilities. According to the ideology of the project consortium, of which Ubiwhere is a member, future 6G architectures must enable a cyber-physical continuum between the real world and its digital representation.


The SNS is a unique opportunity for the European Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry to compete for 6G infrastructure deployment, operation, and services in the global market. This document mentions the most relevant projects with use cases that cover a diverse set of vertical fields. These projects are expected to drive global 6G developments and deliver impactful European solutions for next-generation networks and services. You can download the SNS Journal 2024 for free here!