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MAY 06 2015

Are companies ready for the Digital Maturity?


In a study released by Ricoh Europe and conducted by Coleman Parkes, we can see that companies are keen to modernise their operations and definitely enter in the Digital Maturity.

The study reveals that are the small companies, the ones that have shown more interest so far in achieving this maturity. They wish to update and improve their services through innovative technologies.

The smaller businesses, mainly in the financial sector, are the ones who are better prepared for this change. And the numbers speak for themselves - 79% say they have the necessary means to optimise processes and 70% say they are in a better position than their competitors. 

However, all companies recognise the difficulties that may arise with this change. Of all the companies surveyed, 50% reported some challenges, such as the company adaptation in relation to the work organisation, the professionals’ adaptation to constant updates or even the achievement of objectives without the support of external partners.

What is good to mention is that 71% of companies stated that aims to achieve this maturity by the end of 2019.

In terms of advantages, companies anticipate that this change may have a beneficial impact on the interest of potential customers or even investors, and even predict a significant increase in profits.

We cannot fail to mention that this digital maturity appears to meet the needs required by the so-called Generation Y (the new generation of people who use the Internet and mobile devices for everything). It is extremely important that companies follow this generation and do not get lost in time!

The Executive Vice President of Ricoh Europe, Carsten Bruhn says that "too many companies still believe they have time to catch up in regards to digital – but they may have a rather unpleasant surprise. The big question at bottom is, companies that do not fully embrace the digital, can survive? ".