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MAY 20 2014

We develop innovative solutions for education


We develop a set of projects for the education sector to find the adequate way to integrate all the education technologies.

We concentrate all our activities in the area of ??research into new technologies, giving particular emphasis on networks and telecommunications. Among  our many projects, we develop solutions directly to the education sector, and good examples are ubistudio, netboard software and coollab.

More information about each one of the projects:

  • ubistudio is an educational software for real-time collaboration that provides a wide range of innovative tools to create interactive contents. It allows multi user collaboration on an online whiteboard while communicating via video chat. 
  • netboard is the interactive whiteboard application of Nautilus – a school furniture manufacturer and allows to interact with the desktop by adding notes and using all its applications.
  • coollab is a real-time collaborative framework that provides an application programming interface (API) allowing in-house and 3rd party products/services development. Real-time collaboration can be integrated with numerous vertical markets, such as education, music and gaming.

To know more about Ubiwhere’s solutions, please follow the complete article at Dia?rio de Aveiro Journal, from 11th of September 2012.