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FEB 24 2015

We will be present at the 20th RTCM Seminar


We will participate at the 20th RTCM Seminar, which will be held in the Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT) Aveiro Anphiteather, on the 27th of February.

The Thematic Network for Mobile communications (RTCM) is composed of R&D centers and companies with interests in the area of mobile communications networks. Its main objectives are to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences among its researchers, promote effective cooperation among its members, and building shared visions of strategic national development.

The RTCM is in its 20th edition and for February 2015 the selected city was Aveiro. The event will be under the theme “Vehicular Networks and IoT Platforms” divided into 19 presentations.

Nuno Ribeiro, Ubiwhere’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Ricardo Preto, Ubiwhere’s Project Manager (PM) and Ricardo Machado, Ubiwhere’s Project Manager Officer (PMO), have been invited to speak at the Seminar, under the following themes:
•    Ricardo Machado (10:30) - 5th Generation of Bike Sharing systems;
•    Nuno Ribeiro (14:15) - Vertical Interoperability for Smart Cities;
•    Ricardo Preto (15:00) - uMeter – Collaborative Platform for monitoring Quality of Service (QoS) for Internet access

To learn more about the 20th RTCM Seminar, please click here.

About IT Aveiro
IT Aveiro is one of the most important institutions in Portugal collaborating in international and national research and development projects, contributing as an economic enabler for Portuguese companies. IT’s outstanding scientific environment, shared among students and researchers, constitute a very active community that aims to captivate and train high-potential young new researchers from all over the world as well as to graduate students.