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MAY 20 2014

We were at the TECNET Business Camp 2012


We have been showcasing our Pervasive Tourism and Coollab solutions at the first edition of the TECNET Business Camp, which have been held at Torre da Oliva, in São João da Madeira, between 7th and 8th of December 2012.

Sanjotec, in partnership with Tecparques and Portuspark, have hold an event dedicated to technology-based companies, to technology, to entrepreneurship and to innovation. 

We participate at the event exhibiting in two stands with Pervasive Tourism and Coollab, gathering with professionals from the areas of technology, entrepreneurs, businessmen, investors, lenders and institutions, for everyone to meet, do networking and exchange synergies. It has been the perfect opportunity to show the country a new generation of companies with innovative designs.

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