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09 15 2014

Smart Cities and Future Internet


Is a smart city a choice or a necessity for the wellbeing of our entire community? We believe that it’s both. Why? Find out what we are doing in this area of expertise!

One of our main research topics is “Smart Cities and Communities” and as our vision statement points out we want to be an international reference in "Smart Cities and Future Internet". We know that cities worldwide are facing diverse challenges to demonstrate its commitments to environmental and social demands. The growing concern to find the right balance between urban development needs and global environmental changes challenges our company to create smart solutions for smart cities in areas such as mobility, tourism, energy and efficient resource management. These principles are reflected in the R&I projects that we are developing, as well as in our cities products and services. With this in mind, we felt the need to work together with two more companies, creating Citibrain (a technology consortium).


About Citibrain
Citibrain is as a technology consortium (between Ubiwhere, bikeemotion and Micro I/O) which specialises in the transfer of unified solutions for today's cities. The company’s main purpose is to create desirable and liveable places, bringing together cities and citizens to improve metropolitan life, and keeping global environment and urban lifestyle in mind. In this context, and through the consortium companies’ previous experience in the development of best-of-breed solutions, Citibrain has emerged from the necessity to combine a set of solutions in the area of Smart Cities and Future Internet that are aligned with the companies’ specialised know-how in high-tech products and services in several markets. 

Citibrain has developed a variety of innovative technologies for smart cities in areas such as mobility, tourism, energy and efficient resource management (that will help solving the most common urban problems). From the development of solutions for smart parking, bike sharing system, smart water management, smart monitoring tool, IT management system, IoT network, M2M platform, among others we are preparing the community for the future and prosper growth that will lead us to the creation of true smart cities.

To learn more about Citibrain, take a look at our video.