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08 28 2019

Ubiwhere helps Évora becoming a Positive Energy City with POCITYF


The constant evolution of cities raises significant challenges, such as traffic and people’s congestion, health risks and high cost of living. At Ubiwhere, we address these challenges as new possibilities of improvement across urban environments. In improving energy efficiency, we find an effective, easy and cost-effective strategy to help mitigate many of the challenges cities face. From climate change to public health issues, unemployment and poverty.

POCITYF is the next step on our journey of suiting the future of energy efficiency. Ubiwhere alongside EDP, the University of Évora, Évora’s City Council and 42 partner companies across Europe, set off an EU-funded project focused on assisting the Lighthouse Cities, Évora and Alkmaar and their 6 partner cities on their energetic optimization needs.

Its main goal is to turn particularly cultural and historical areas into Positive Energy Blocks - limited areas in which average local renewable energy generation outruns its consumption - while delivering innovative citizens-centered solutions for energy storage and e-mobility making urban spaces safer, healthier, cheaper and more efficient.

10 solutions covering the local penetration of renewable energy sources, energy-savings and reduction of carbon emissions, will be demonstrated and integrated across each City Smart Platform. To enable its upgrade and replication, these solutions will be evaluated and aligned with the interests of various stakeholders and its results will be previously displayed on a roadmap for sustainable cities.

Ubiwhere will take a key part in the integration of a highly productive use of natural resources, vital in shaping sustainable cities of the future.

In the words of Ubiwhere’s co-founder Rui Costa, by offering cities the necessary technological tools to boost sustainable practices we will be guaranteeing “a meaningful impact on people’s quality of life for generations to come”.


ue_flag This project has received funding from the EU´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 864400