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JUN 12 2019

5G is already in Guimarães


Last Friday was the public presentation of Guimarães 5G Ready and in this video, we have combined some of the best moments. The city of Guimarães has now a pioneering project in Portugal and Ubiwhere, as a member of the consortium, is very proud of this achievement.

This is a pilot under development by Smart Lamppost (consortium composed of Ubiwhere, PROEF and Metalogalva), in partnership with the Municipality of Guimarães. An innovative project at the national level, whose main objective is to communicate through intelligent lighting poles, which are equipped with 5G network and electric vehicle charging systems.

This project marks the beginning of a new Era in Portugal, placing Smart Lamppost and the city of Guimarães at the forefront of innovation in the telecommunications and 5G networks.