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APR 15 2019

European Telecommunications Standards Institute Group has appointed Ubiwhere’s Smart Cities R&I Manager as its Vice-Chairman


Ubiwhere’s Smart Cities R&I Manager, Ricardo Vitorino, is now Vice-Chairman of one of the Groups of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), the organisation that defines European standards in the telecommunications sector.

Officially recognised by the European Union as a European Standards Organization in the Telecommunications sector and with around 800 members worldwide, ETSI has 14 groups responsible for specifying standards in this technological sector. In one of the groups where Ubiwhere is present (ISG CIM: cross-cutting Context Information Management), Ricardo Vitorino was recently appointed as Vice-Chairman. The purpose of the group is to specify a standard way of finding and exchanging information between systems (e.g. databases, mobile applications, sensor networks), becoming able to associate context to it, that is, allowing these systems to unambiguously define the information that is relevant to them, their format and meaning.

In complex domains such as Smart Cities, the lack of an open, standardized approach to information exchange has hampered the widespread adoption of these smart services. For example, by implementing the approach of this group, vehicle counting traffic sensors can share the information they collect with other applications that control traffic lights or that route drivers looking for parking in the vicinity to avoid congestions, following the common specification which maximizes the sharing and reuse of data.

With large experience in Ubiwhere as a Software Developer and R&I Manager in the Smart Cities sector, Ricardo Vitorino is responsible for optimising this specification and making it more user-friendly from a Software Development point of view, so that it is easier to engage the community in adopting the standard in their implementations.

With entities from around 70 countries and headquartered in Sophia Antipolis, France, ETSI has been operating since 1988 and aims to improve the future and the lives of the next generation. Ubiwhere, PT Portugal and Apple Portugal are the only three Portuguese companies that are members of ETSI. This is, therefore, a significant milestone in the history of Ubiwhere, full member of ETSI since 2017.