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APR 10 2019

A day in Ubiwhere’s remote life


9:00 am. It’s the hour that the alarm clock rings every day. All because I’m lucky enough to get up and be ready to get to work in just 5 minutes. Before, when I worked 30 minutes from home, I would wake up at 8:00 am.

Now I can sleep more. I do not waste time getting ready and preparing the kettle. I only have 5 minutes to brush my teeth and face, wear something comfortable (or put on my pajamas if you feel like it) and put the toast on. Before the coffee machine warms up and I hear the characteristic roar of toast, I start turning on my computer to check my inbox. It's the advantage of working remotely, I can crack the toast while I write the answers.

It is not always easy to manage time, habits and concentration, but you learn. And I learned to be everything I wanted to be. I've learned that I do not need to go to the office to be an excellent professional. That’s something I’ve always ambitioned. And I wanted to have this life, a quiet life.

At first, I often lacked concentration. I got easily distracted. I get up from the chair more times than expected and take three times more to complete the tasks. But in the extra comfort that I got for being in my house, I found the answers that I needed. Over time, I realized that it was all a matter of routine, balance, and dedication.

There is no price for the fact that I can work and, at the same time, have my dog at my feet. To be able to take it to the street in the morning pauses. Catching both sun and vitamin D. It is comforting to be able to balance agile work and family or leisure time more quickly. The secret is very simple: we have the common sense to know that, just as they trust us and give us the possibility of doing remote work, we must be mature enough to know how we should reciprocate and show that we deserve that place.

It's 6:00 p.m. and I check out the Ubiwhere online platform. The day is over and I am immediately where we all want to be: at home. And there is no more comforting sensation than this.

In the scope of Global Work From Home Day, we’ve shared some good practices with Remote How. Sign up here and get the full e-book to find out more about this initiative.