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APR 04 2019

Mobile App of Pavilhão da Água powered by Ubiwhere


After being closed for remodelling since 2016, the inauguration of the Water Pavilion (Pavilhão da Água) finally happened, bringing new spaces, experiences and dynamics, and where a mobile application, fully developed by Ubiwhere, stood out.

Lisbon, the year was 1998. Everyone in Portugal must remember Expo 98 (and the significant impact it had in our country), with more than 150 pavilions dedicated to the theme "The Oceans, a heritage for the future", one of them being the Water Pavilion. After the end of this event, which received around 11 million visitors, the Water Pavilion was reinstalled further north, in the country’s largest urban park in the City of Porto. Still following the theme of Expo 98, the Water Pavilion aims at demonstrating the importance of water for life, as well as raising the citizens’ consciousness about its sustainable consumption and usage.

The Water Pavilion continues to distinctively stand out, by offering multiple sensorial and ludic experiences to its visitors. Thanks to a mobile application developed by Ubiwhere, available for both Android and iOS, every visitor’s experience becomes enriched by a closer approach to all of the current surroundings in the pavilion. This application gives access to information about news, the activities performed there, and through an interactive map or by reading the different QR Codes available in each experiment provides the visitors with immersive navigation in the available experiences, along with an interactive quiz (for kids and adults), called the Game of Vita.

The Water Pavilion is a journey to the universe of water, as a strategic and essential resource for life. Águas do Porto has been managing it since 2011, and it is, therefore, another project of reference for Ubiwhere’s portfolio of interactive solutions.