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APR 12 2018

Ubiwhere has just released Volume 2 of its 2017 Annual Report


In order to present the company’s financial balance sheet related to the past year, Volume 2 of the Annual Report represents in detail the latest economic and financial indicators. The document’s main objective is to show a detailed breakdown of data pertaining to profit, sales and human resources.  

Marked by the investment of the PROEF Group, which acquired 20% of Ubiwhere’s capital, 2017 was highlighted by an exponential financial and social growth, as evidenced by the data presented in the document. In addition to the celebration of Ubiwhere’s 10th anniversary, 2017 ended with the confirmation that the company's performance is based on the competence, seriousness and consistency of a structure that over the years has been creating a future of success.

In February, Ubiwhere also launched Volume 1 of the 2017 Annual Report, showing in detail the development of new projects and solutions, the inauguration of the new offices and also other remarkable landmarks.

Annual Report 2017 Volume 2 available here: