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DEC 19 2016

SONATA 1 year and a half into the project


It feels like it was yesterday that the kickoff of SONATA took place and it’s initial objectives were carefully reviewed and discussed among partners. However, one year and a half has passed and the achieved results clearly reflect the amount of effort the consortium has invested in the project.   


SONATA’s architecture is one of the main outcomes and an important asset on its own if we look at its micro service design promoting both scalability and flexibility. SONATA’s architecture can be divided into two main components: the “Software Development Kit (SDK)” and the “Service Platform (SP)”. SP’s architecture offers a customizable and modular design for a management and orchestration (MANO) framework with customisable platform functionality and ability to add new features via plug-ins while supporting both resource and service orchestration. By allowing the service to specify some of its management functionality, SONATA’s SP architecture allows the service developer an unprecedented level of control. SONATA’s SDK targets service developers and offers both a programming model and a set of software tools that enable programmers to monitor, test and debug their developed services. The year 1 review took place last September (09/2016) and a real life demo was accomplished targeting both the previously mentioned components. Furthermore, this demo showcased the integration of both SDK and SP allowing reviewers to take a peek on the possibilities that SONATA already provides. This demo showcased the use of the SDK to develop a simple Network Service that consisted on two linked VNFs (a Firewall and a Traffic Classifier) by which traffic would pass through. Using the SDK tools, this service was also onboarded into the SP and then the SP’s developed features allowed its instantiation and testing proving not only the correct onboarding of a service but also its correct instantiation, operation and control (using the SP). The astonishing achievement of having a fully functional and integrated prototype was only possible due to the remarkable effort of the consortium and outstanding integration and organization processes using a well defined and implemented DevOps workflow. The DevOps workflow covering the SDK tools and the service platform is by itself an exploitable result of the project since it is expected to allow in the future both network service developers and operators to closely collaborate on design, development, deployment and lifecycle management of network services.

Ubiwhere is proud of its ongoing participation on the SONATA project. This project has a very ambitious technical specification, and is well poised to achieve its goals given the current maturity level of its development. The fact that Ubiwhere has had a relevant role and effort on architecture definition, SDK tools implementation and DevOps workflow which resulted in some of the relevant preliminary outcomes of the project makes us feel proud of our effort and encourages us to keep have an active voice and participation in this project.

For more information on the outcomes of SONATA project please visit the “Project Outcomes” section of the SONATA’s website,&