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OCT 04 2016

Summer Internships Testimonies


// "If Ubiwhere can exploit the full potential of their technology, I would not be surprised to read other companies will put their eyes on them." // "The internship as a whole will help me to face my future with more confidence in myself with a new network of colleagues and friends." // "Since day one, I've felt like one of them."  


Related to their summer internships at Ubiwhere, three trainees had left their testimonies about their experience. Read how working with our team was. 


And this is it, a two-month internship cycle at Ubiwhere has ended, and now I'd like to talk more about what I experienced there. I don't want to be tedious with my literary journey, so I'll segment it in some topics:

THE FIELD: I got involved with the frontend development of Citibrain's Smart Apps - solutions for Smart Cities based on an IoT Architecture.  Since the beginning, I've felt excited to belong to such a project that fuses real utility with cutting-edge technology.

THE A-TEAM: Since day one, I've felt like one of them. All of the guys are well-qualified yet simultaneously available, and they were always ready to help me when I felt stuck. We always work for the same objectives, with daily discussions about the best solutions to the problems we face, making we == one.

BEYOND WORK: A good team is not the one that's only hardworking, but mainly the one that is united. For that reason, we often sought to do things together after work: go out for dinner, watch live football (Académica!), play football. We have frequently had a 'Pizza Night' where we ordered pizzas and worked on a random funny project (like a hackathon!).

WORK LOAD: The work rhythm was appropriate and allowed me to continuously learn without being in a constant pressure to complete the work on time.

LEARNING: I've discovered a lot about AngularJS, the main framework used for the applications' frontend. I've learned not only about the difficulties and solutions that a team faces to create a smart app, but I could also understand the very strict version control procedures that a company needs, and get an overview of the technologies across every layer of an application, among many other things!

I felt at home, and I was involved with exciting projects, so don't you think that proves that the experience was worth it?

Joel Pires [from Portugal - national summer intern]


I would like to start by saying that before coming here I was convinced that this experience would have helped me with my future career and after these months, I still am. It was one of my first work experiences in my life, and the environment I found at Ubiwhere was exactly the one I needed. I had the possibility to work along with friendly people; I knew that they were always available for pieces of advice regarding work and adapting to the new country and city.

I believe in the potential of their products, and I hope to see them in Italy shortly, knowing that I have contributed a little. (...)

The internship as a whole will help me t