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A probing platform designed for spectrum sensing applications

Today, turning on a television is a ritual. Picking up the remote control is an immediate and intuitive action, but in many parts of the country, many people do not know what that is. It was thinking in Portuguese in general, but in this particular public, that ANACOM, the National Communications Authority, found in Ubiwhere the right partner for the development of its project.

The goal was to create a national network dedicated to the monitoring of the DTT signal, with the implementation of 386 probes from north to south of the country. This integrated solution consists of a web portal that allows monitoring of the status and signal of all probes nationwide and an Android application that works as an auxiliary tool in the installation of new probes.

ANACOM - Ubiwhere

This demanding project represented a big step for ANACOM, which is able to respond more quickly to its customers and offer a constant service based on rigor and quality.


We like to believe we can change the world, so, let's the numbers talk by themselves.

400 probes shared nationwide