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Wines of Portugal

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A deep discovery to the world of Portugal’s exclusive wine production and history

2010 was a make-over moment for Portuguese wines. Not in terms of quality or style: all of that was already very much in place, the wines already distinctive, chic and stylish. Make-over, we mean, in terms of image and marketing. The 2010 launch of the Vinhos de Portugal (Wines of Portugal) marketing drive is the result of a collaborative exercise by the whole Portuguese wine industry and its representatives, a new, dynamic take on wine promotion.

Upon the banner of this united ‘Portuguese brand’ is a new logo. The eye-catching ‘P’ for Portugal symbolises the very essence of Portugal’s contemporary wines: a bright, modern image filled with individual, colourful, creative icons plucked from a vineyard, cellar and the wine-drinking moment.


This campaign was aimed at the rest of the World - in Portugal we all know how good our wines are nowadays. Across Portugal’s immense variety or terroirs, using the plethora of unique grape varieties and blends this small but diverse country has to offer, grape-growers and winemakers take a creative, skilled, technical yet also artistic approach.


The wines we make are unique and distinctive. Difference is what Portuguese wines are all about! Different terroirs and climatic conditions, different grapes and, ultimately, wines of different character and flavours. The more you get to know them, the more those differences fascinate and draw you in.

Wines of Portugal will take you in a deep discovery to the world of Portugal’s exclusive wine production and history.

Ubiwhere was responsible for developing a tailor made platform dedicated to the support and management of the events organised by the brand Wines of Portugal (that promotes Portuguese wine throughout the world) and a mobile app to all its participants.