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Smart Monitoring of Sintra’s Parking Areas

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An integrated platform that controls all aspects of Sintra’s parking

Sintra is considered a highly touristic city, receiving thousands of national and international visitors every year. In the past recent years, there has been a noticeable growth in tourism demand, leading to a mismatch between parking supply and demand. Consequently, the mobility was negatively affected, increasing the time to enter the urban area and the time to find a parking space.

In the middle of 2017, EMES, one of the public companies responsible for managing parking areas and parking spaces on-street and off-street, felt it was time to deploy technology that would help to better manage two of their parking areas in Sintra and make the information, regarding free parking spaces, available to citizens. Subsequently, redirecting traffic to the parking area where available parking spaces could be found, avoiding traffic congestion.

We have adapted our Citibrain Smart Parking product to meet the requirements of EMES, by presenting a solution that controls the entry and exit of vehicles in parking areas and that collects performance indicators, that are translated into knowledge. In addition to this, solar panels will be integrated into the components, making electricity sources unnecessary and giving it autonomy.

There is also a management platform associated that provides relevant information to the parking area operators through metrics and parameters, generating reports to help him to better understand the behaviour of the system and all its participants.

Products used


Brings together all aspects of parking management technology into one integrated system


The integration of this solution shows the flexibility and adaptability of Citibrain’s smart solutions, allowing a better policy and optimised management, decreasing parking operations costs, traffic congestion and pollution peaks, that have the final goal of improving citizens’ quality of life.