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Smart Cities

An app capable of measuring the happiness of its citizens

How do citizens feel in their own city? Do they have all the necessary tools for a happy and relaxed routine? Bearing this in mind, Porto wanted to be one step ahead, thinking of a solution capable of measuring the happiness of its citizens.

Ubiwhere was responsible for developing an iOS application, called “SenseMyMood”, that has the goal of mapping the happiness of its citizens and characterize factors that influence it, such as mobility and environmental parameters. 

By using this application, the users respond to several answers related to their state of mind, in which it’s given the possibility of choosing between five emojis, from the happiest to the saddest.

Through these data, researchers are able to construct a daily map of Porto’s mood, which shows the happiness on the city map.

To sum up, besides assessing the characteristic happiness of the city of Porto, it is possible to reach pertinent conclusions regarding the mobility of citizens and the levels of environmental pollution and noise, allowing the municipality to take measures to improve citizens’ quality of life.