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New Tech

An initiative that responds to the increase of tourism in Portugal

Portugal is one of the most desirable destinations in the world, not only to live, but also to visit. With sun and beach, river and mountain, Lusitanian lands have been annually receiving millions of tourists, who find in this country an irreproachable culture.

Therefore, local accommodation enthusiasts are gaining notoriety and they need the appropriate tools to develop their project. Based on its needs, AHRESP entrusted Ubiwhere with the development of the QUALITY  Portal, a Program for Local Accommodation Qualification and Valorisation.

This initiative responds to the challenges of the sector, by offering tools to support the management and guarantee of quality of service, that are essential for the promotion and projection of the business and, consequently, for the appreciation of Portugal as a tourist destination.

phones - ubiwhere 

A platform exclusively dedicated to the Promotion of Local Accommodation Units (houses, hosting establishments, hostels, apartments and rooms) in the main cities of Portugal.