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Morais’ Geological Interpretation Center

Smart Cities

A set of several innovative solutions that offers a more engaging experience to its tourists

With an incomparable Natural and Landscaping Heritage, Macedo de Cavaleiros is a tourist destination of reference in the region of Trás-os-Montes. Geopark Terras de Cavaleiros affirms its importance, with a well-defined geographic area and a solid geological value.

For the Geopark, specifically for Morais’ Geological Interpretation Center, a small village in the county, Ubiwhere was responsible for the entire development of several solutions:

- mobile multimedia guide: with the main purpose of providing information about the geology of the region, it includes geological routes and pedestrian routes (with online and offline maps), touristic points of interest and services, using multimedia contents in different formats (images, videos, audio and texts);

- interactive solution using kinect: this application has been specifically created for indoor spaces, where visitors can use an interactive surface with quizzes/surveys, gesture and object recognition, interactive personalized contents, among others;

- map format guide that consists of a book, related to the Morais Site, where it is possible to find geological routes;

- customized website.

Ubiwhere was responsible for designing and developing the Portal, that resulted in an appealing design project that answers adequately to the customer needs.