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Smart Cities

A platform that improves urban mobility standards

For those who need to send parcels to or within major cities, cargo-bikes are often the best solution - these are riders who ride backpacks, whether it’s raining or shining.

To facilitate this process and improve urban mobility standards, the Dorothy platform was created. A platform that helps people deliver last-mile parcels. Users only need to define picking and delivery points for parcels, as well as dimensions and weight.

Based on this information, the service is automatically assigned according to the best conditions for the user. This platform is composed of two components:

- the portal: for end users and through which they can submit the reservation requests;

- the backoffice: the tool through which operators and cargo-bikers can manage the orders that are assigned to them.


This platform was developed within the framework of a European Project whose mission was to improve the processes of distribution of goods in urban areas as a way of reducing traffic and improving air quality levels and, consequently, people’s quality of life.