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A Smart Parking solution that brings together all aspects of parking management technology into one integrated system

Ubiwhere has been a regular participant at the Smart City Expo Barcelona, one of the most important events in the Smart City sector, in which, every year, companies from all over the world come together to show their new technological solutions, search for business opportunities and meet new partnerships and clients.

In 2016, we have met Street Parking Solutions, a private parking company based in Cape Town (South Africa) that manages on-street and off-street parking areas, both municipal, parastatal and from privat sector organisations and serving more than 3 million motorists annually. Through public tenders, the company became responsible for managing Cape Town municipal parking. According to their website, SPS “was the first parking management company in Africa and one of the few in the world to install and maintain a real-time parking management sensor system in a major CBD (Cape Town)”.

However, the parking monitoring system used by the company on their parking areas worked via infrared and Bluetooth and was unreliable, inefficient and outdated, which made them look up for a new technological solution that could solve their problem and our Citibrain’s solution became the answer.

Citibrain’s Smart Parking solution brings together all aspects of parking management technology into one integrated system, from sensor-based vehicle detection, communication gateway, digital parking panels, kiosks for payments, mobile applications for drivers and an efficient parking management system.

Through the collection of key performance indicators in real time, it gives the parking operator access to knowledge for a better policy and optimised management. This system is also a simple yet robust way to provide citizens with the location of the available parking spaces.

In December 2016, through a pilot project, Citibrain deployed 20 sensors using LoRa communication protocol. The LoRa technology is a low power wireless platform chosen worldwide as the prevailing technology for building IoT networks. In addition to being easily installed, it is a secure way of transmitting data. With the deployment of Citibrain’s sensors with a LoRA communication protocol, SPS’s parking monitoring system was updated with cutting-edge technology, became more efficient and reliable. Moreover, the data safety increased.

With this technology deployed, Street Parking Solutions had a complete and robust solution for the updowns of its smart parking solution previously deployed. Ubiwhere proved that adaptability to the client’s needs is one of its solutions’ strong features.

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Brings together all aspects of parking management technology into one integrated system


Citibrain’s Smart Parking solution uses the latest technology regarding monitoring of parking areas, showing the innovative spirit and the care to keep up with the latest news on the smart cities industry.