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APP - Águas do Porto

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A special solution dedicated to an efficient water consumption management

Water is a key element that we must preserve. To ensure a closer and more transparent relationship with its clients, Águas do Porto has decided to take a step forward and create a new service inherent to water consumption - an app that allows its consumers to make an efficient water consumption management.

Through this partnership established with Águas do Porto, there is now a tool that appeals for a greater environmental awareness from its users, with the possibility of daily monitoring the consumption of water in their houses, leading to the adoption of more environmentally friendly behaviours.


Ubiwhere was responsible for designing and implementing this app, that, thanks to data collected from more 20.000 sensors, lets its users access all the necessary information

  • Consumption evolution and analysis;
  • Water leakage alerts;
  • Consumptions’ comparisons;
  • Tips for water consumption reduction;
  • Notifications and alerts;
  • Consumption water quality;
  • Bathing water quality.