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Porto Air Quality

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Porto became able of monitoring every aspects related with its air quality

The city of Porto has served as the basis for several innovative projects aimed at revealing the potential of using technology in urban contexts. Thus, in 2015, Porto city adopted FIWARE (a worldwide open-source community, bootstrapped by the EU) standards, becoming capable of storing and sharing the data received (about traffic, air quality, atmospheric conditions, transportation flows, among others) from the different providers in a harmonised and interoperable way. In addition, it was able to provide Open APIs for software developers,

management tools for city officers as well as live dashboards and apps for citizens.

Our Citibrain Smart Air Quality system was one of the integrated solutions in Porto, in which 75 air quality stations were deployed, able to monitor in real time the environmental conditions of the city. The interoperability of Citibrain’s innovative solution allowed the interaction with other existing IoT solutions, creating a systems network capable of monitoring and controlling the city’s dynamics.

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At the end of the day, the company has opened its doors to an application’s ecosystem developed through technological initiatives, such as new strategies and technological solutions in the city, linking the Air Quality data obtained through the Smart Air Quality system with different data from other solutions (such as the traffic flow, geolocated touristic events, or even for multimodal travel planning).

Through the adoption and integration of these smart solutions, Porto became able of monitoring every corner in the city, through the multiple stations installed in the buses, and the

results were transmitted in real time to the central system, leading the decision-makers to take better and immediate action solutions to improve the city. In addition, the northern city consolidates its position as a modern and innovative destination, attracting, besides a larger number of people, more investment and companies. Air quality monitoring in real time increases the citizens’ awareness about the importance of breathing clean air, by leading to a change in behaviour (e.g. switching from the private car to public transportation with the purpose of reducing the CO2 emissions).