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An innovative solution that is redefining the future of smart mobility

With autonomous cars on the way, there is a growing concern about ensuring better connectivity between infrastructures, network and vehicles.

In response to this demand, Ubiwhere has created Unicle - a platform that reveals our innate will of challenging ourselves, being a step ahead of the game and shaping the future. Unicle is an innovative solution in 5G technology, being a scalable cloud and edge computing platform, that aims to bridge the gap between the Automotive and Telecommunications Industry, enabling communications between vehicles, infrastructure and the network.

Given its highlight in international media due to its presence in the four finalists of Porsche Acceleration Programme, Unicle is at the forefront of redefining the future of smart mobility.

The Acceleration Programm powered by Porsche, dedicated to startups that stand out in the industries of Smart Mobility, Lifestyle, Customer Experience (Retail) and the Internet of Things, has counted with more than 120 entities, being Ubiwhere the only Portuguese, represented the first of many steps of this project that, with Porsche's signature, is now entering an increasing pace for implementation.