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Data Entry-point Internship

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Our Proposal:

  • Ubiwhere is an SME based in Aveiro and offices in the Pedro Nunes Institute in Coimbra. The main areas of activity are Internet of the Future and Smart Cities. The scope of work will focus on the design, implementation and validation of various data processing systems, such as Apache NiFi, Streamsets, Node-network, etc. For this purpose, two use cases will be presented, for example, ingestion of air quality datasets and electric charging stations. Subsequently, the systems listed above will be used to construct data flows that will have, as their main objective, the harmonization and transformation of this data for well defined data models already in use in productive systems at Ubiwhere. Finally, a comparative analysis will be made of all systems to understand which of these is most appropriate to solve the presented problem.


Our Promise

  • Work in a casual but exciting and motivational culture;
  • Learn with the experts of the business;
  • Build together a challenging experience;
  • Grow a network of professionals who have the same passion for technology;

Your out-of-the-box skills

  • University graduate with recognized academic merit in any discipline with under 1 year of working experience
  • Good object oriented programming practice;
  • Knowledge of Software Architecture;
  • Knowledge of distributed systems;
  • Strong knowledge of Rest API';
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills;

  • Location: Coimbra